Meet Natalie Bushnell - Author, Speaker, Healer

Who is Natalie?

NATALIE BUSHNELL, creator of Soulisious is a TWO TIME Author, International Speaker, Theta and Energy Healer, Transparency Coach, Medium, Shaman, trained Midwife, Spiritual Influencer, Oracle, and has personally reached a state of Nirvana and the sacred marriage with Creator.  

Where is Natalie now?

In a continuous orgasmic state, she is often referred to as the Tantric Mary and The White Buffalo Woman by many. She has successfully integrated her darkness and light and has been shown the secrets of this universe. Creator refers to her, as his/her divine lover and the Shiva. Life-giver and destroyer. Thus she often says, I am, that I am, truly believing we are all one. She has reached the state of a master creator and her life is filled with synchronicity and joy. She is protected by the universe itself. 

Create the life that you truly desire!

She specializes in showing you why you have created the life you have and helping you heal your karma, child wounds, and limiting beliefs so you then can manifest the life that you truly desire. She is also known as the sacred Dragon, one holding the secrets and magic. One of the original creators and protectors of this world. She has a royal golden heart and by just meeting her, you will see why she makes grown men cry. 

Feel unconditional love!

Her deepest desire is to help you heal, so you can remember you too are creators lover and he/she has missed you so. She wants the universe to be your sugar daddy too and feel unconditional love! She has been told by the creator that she is the light and joy of the world. She truly believes we all are and wants to restore joy into your soul. 

Our Team

  Being you is the most beautiful gift you can give to the world!

So you begin to share your own light and joy with the world.  As that is your purpose and that is enough. You are worthy, you are loveable, you matter, you are enough! Being you is the most beautiful gift you can give to the world. The point of life is to experience all that you are without fear. You are the love of your life. This world is a reflection of how you treat you and others. Because I am you and you are me and we are one. Self-love is true mastery. When you love yourself, you can't but love others.  

You can listen and learn more about Natalie's story here on her Interview on #18 EXCELSIOR JOURNEY'S.

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